Our Best Selling Fat Burner!

T6With its special price of £21.99 this month the T6 Fat Burner has sold like crazy! Not only is it at a great price but it’s one of the most potent fat burners on the market! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/t6-fat-burner

The T6 works in a number of ways;

> It burns fat by thermogenics (heats the body up) It does this to an extreme level so maximum fat burning takes place.

> It reduces water retention in the body allowing for a leaner look. Water can also be stored in excess through poor diet and other supplemented products so if you want to look lean T6 Fat Burners are perfect for you.Reflex Diet Protein

> The T6 Fat Burner will also reduce you cravings for food…..suppresses your appetite. Fewer calories in means more store calories (fat) have to be used!

> The T6 fat burner will also kick your metabolism into over drive so you burn more calories (fat) through the day.

Why not stack alongside our most popular diet protein to accelerate results even further? The Reflex Diet Protein complements the T6 Fat burner perfectly! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/weight-loss/diet-shakes/reflex-diet-protein



Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

17-tThe benefits of boosting natural testosterone levels are endless and Sci-MX have developed one of the strongest product to do just this! Sci-MX’s 17 T Somatocri-MX is a revolutionary and comprehensive natural hormone booster http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/brand/sci-mx/sci-mx-17-t-somatocri-mx. Not only does it naturally enhance your testosterone, but by increasing your somatrocinin, 17 T can also boost your IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1) and HGH (human growth hormone). All this will give you the anabolic support that no other similar product will.

First of all, higher testosterone levels will enhance your male characteristics, meaning you can expect:

> Increased libido

> Boosts in strength

> Gains in muscle mass

> More muscle definition


As if this wasn’t enough, having higher HGH levels will give you:

> Higher protein synthesis, meaning more protein you consume will convert in to muscle tissue.

> Improved metabolism of fat, giving you a leaner body

> Better, more consistent sleeping patterns and deeper sleeps

> Higher energy levels

> Improved sexual performance

> Strengthened bones

> Improved quality of kidneys and heart

Luckily, all this can be achieved with one product, Sci-MX’s 17-T Somatocri-MX!


Creatine with No Loading Phase

createc1500ANCreatine is one of the most researched supplements ever! The evidence and studies behind its effectiveness are undeniable as you really will see some great gains from using a solid creatine supplement. However there are endless different forms available so which all offer something a little different and some being better than others. Many of us would prefer to avoid the loading phases and avoid that puffy look from water retention. If you are one of those then we have the perfect option for you! The Createc 1500 by Adapt Nutrition is highly recommended http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/brand/adapt-nutrition/adapt-nutrition-createc-1500

Adapt Nutrition Createc 1500 comprises of the 2 hard hitting creatines Creatine HCL & Creatine MagnaPower which will not only be absorbed rapidly but will take your strength gains to a new level!

Adapt Nutrition Createc 1500 is consumed in an easy 2 capsule serving meaning you don’t have the hassle of weighing and mixing powders. However that’s not all because of Creatine HCL & Creatine MagnaPower’s structure, no loading phase is needed making the source not only more bioavailable but more potent all from a 2 capsule serving!

Adapt Nutrition Createc 1500 will add strength and performance levels like you have never experienced before from a creatine formula!



The Perfect source of Protein for on the go

r barHave you ever been out and about and those hunger pains kick in and all you can think about is eating something naughty with zero nutritional value? I think we’ve all been there and when sugar levels run low reaching for that Mars bar or Snickers is just too easy of an option to avoid. We have the perfect solution though! The Reflex R Bar Flapjack are the perfect ultimatum and keeping a box in your car glove box or in your bag can solve the problem! They hold their shape making them the perfect choice to store

R Bar Flapjacks are the latest bar to hit the market by Reflex Nutrition and they just got even better. Taste, quality, value for money…..all the boxes are ticked! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/reflex-protein-flapjacks

The R BAR flapjack is a bar of unrivalled quality incorporating nutritionally uncompromised ingredients. Created in Reflex’s bespoke state of the art factory in Sussex, every ingredient has been carefully selected providing you with the finest milk protein, wholegrain oats, and rapeseed oil and carefully tailored natural flavours. Crucially, it contains NO palm oil, glucose syrup or GMO ingredients.

Other supports added are healthy fats, which WON’T make you fat but provide an excellent energy source and also help create the flavour of the bar! There are also antioxidants added to make this the only bar you should have in your life!

Boxes of 12 making them great value too!


The Best Protein Shake for the Morning

sci-mx muscle mealSci-MX have developed a range of products called Muscle Meals. The range consists of 3 different products meaning there is one that can fit into your supplement regime. Depending on your goal there is the following;

Muscle Meal Rippedcore – The leanest formula of them all

Muscle Meal Leancore – The middle range product which sits between the 2 products

Muscle Meal Hardcore – The formula designed for those wanting mass and size

Muscle Meal Rippedcore http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/brand/sci-mx/sci-mx-muscle-meal-rippedcore

Muscle Meal Rippedcore is Sci-MX’s ultimate lean gainer. The carb to protein ratio means that you will take on very large amounts of protein but keep carbohydrate levels low, avoiding excess energy, fat gain and supplying you with enough carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and help them grow.

If you want to pack on muscle mass, whilst keeping fat down and even losing fat, try Sci-MX Muscle Meal Rippedcore and feel the results! Expect lean, hard muscle and a ripped physique.

With a 2:1 pro/carb ratio, you will be taking on sufficient amounts of protein to grow but keeping carbs down, allowing you to remain lean or get carbohydrates from more whole sources, like brown rice or brown pasta.

Muscle Meal Leancore http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/brand/sci-mx/sci-mx-muscle-meal-leancore

Muscle Meal Leancore makes for a perfect meal replacement shake, with its balanced nutrient levels but is also a great staple supplement for anyone wanting increases in lean muscle mass, without putting on fat. Sci MX’s Lean Grow gives an almost 1:1 carb to protein ratio, meaning it’s for those wanting leaner gains than those using Muscle Meal Hardcore. The carbs are present as they will supply you with a long-lasting source of energy, making sure your body doesn’t use your protein stores or even your muscle tissue as energy. This means you will avoid unnecessarily losing muscle and gain it instead! The high protein content will be used by your body in order to repair and grow damaged muscles. Unlike some of its competitors, Lean Grow is practically sugar free and only contains very small amounts of added fructose. This means the calories you receive from it are not ‘empty’ and cheap, but effective and of a top quality.

Muscle Meal Hardcore http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/brand/sci-mx/sci-mx-muscle-meal-hardcore

For hard gainers, Sci-MX’s Muscle Meal Hardcore is perfect. Lots of you will find that no matter how much you eat, you are stuck with your skinny frame and feel there’s nothing you can do about it. Well finally there is! In 3 shakes per day, you can get over 1800 calories, which is a big chunk out of how much you need. Unlike many of its competitors, Sci-MX’s Mass System is practically sugar free and meaning the calories and carbohydrates you get from it are top quality and not ‘empty’, cheap sugars.

Sci-MX Muscle Meal Hardcore will help with:

> Quick gains in muscle mass

> Bulking phases

> Hard gainers, with fast metabolisms

> Boosting overall energy

> Increasing strength

> Maintenance of muscle mass for those doing high levels of CV training


The Reflex Nutrition Mass Stack!

mass_stackOn our last post we spoke about the Reflex One Stop Xtreme. Well we have incorporated that into one hell of a stack with 2 additional products to take results further and all at a great price!

Along with the great benefits of the One Stop Xtreme we spoke about in our previous post, this stack also gives you the Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix and Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/reflex-muscle-mass-and-strength-stack

Reflex Growth Matrix contains DH whey protein hydrolysate as its only form of protein. This is the purest form of a protein that absorbs almost instantly, this means maximum protein synthesis when you need it the most. With 7,000mgs of L-Leucine per serving to support protein synthesis to the next level the results will be awesome! Reflex Growth Matrix then combines a glucose polymer blend so powerful it should be a pharmaceutical product.

Muscle Bomb, it’s a logical formula supported by science. Muscle Bomb contains fifteen ingredients, seven of which are specifically chosen for their role in the best pre-workout performance, available with and without caffeine. All doses used are at the minimum level used in double blind scientific studies. Each of the studies relating to each of the seven key ingredients are also listed below so that you can see first-hand that the doses used in real studies match those found in Muscle Bomb. Be in absolutely no doubt that this has a profound difference to a pre workout formula.


The Full Body High Intensity Workout at Home 

fit-girl-working-out-fGP9nIf you’re struggling to find the time to get the gym and don’t have any equipment at home, that’s not an excuse for not working out as the following workout plan requires no gym membership, no gym equipment and can be done at home! Just keep the rest periods short to ensure you keep the heart rate high and burn some serious body fat. Aim to complete each exercise with no rest period and then take a 30 second rest before hitting the exercises again!

Exercise Reps Sets
Push Ups 20 2
Tricep Dips 20 2
Hip Hinge (Good Morning Bends) 20 2
Ab Crunches 20 2
Alternative Lunges 20 2
Reverse Snow Angels 20 2
Bodyweight Squats 20- 40 2
Plank 30-60 seconds 2


Increase the sets and reduce the rest periods to progress the circuit and difficulty. If the aim to lose body fat then look to take the perfect stack to accelerate your results further such as the Reflex Weight Loss Stack! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/reflex-weight-loss-stack


Need to bulk this January instead of weight loss?

Reflex One Stop XTREMEWe’re not all looking to lose body fat this January and there are some of out there that have the full intention to add some serious size and strength. Well we have the perfect all-in-one product for you!

Reflex Nutrition’s One Stop Xtreme is the only product you need to build quality muscle mass fast. This formula has been designed without compromise, using the highest doses of added supplements to maximise your muscle mass gains.

One stop Xtreme contains 4 of the highest quality protein sources on the planet blended into their unique Quattro formula. This is 55 grams of stage released protein per serving from a fast acting Hydrosylate protein to a pure micellar casein protein for the ultimate in time released amino acids blend.

One Stop Xtreme has 3 low GI sources of carbohydrate which also gives steady release of energy and it the ultimate in re-fuelling after a workout. This form of energy will not allow you to get fat due to the very stable release of energy. The organic oats and barley are naturally high in fibre, vitamins and minerals for essential body functions.

And to top it all off Reflex Nutrition have added some natural testosterone supports to boost energy, strength and recovery. The natural support of Avena Sativa, Zinc and magnesium make this product the only choice for muscle mass building.

Buy today here and choose from 3 great tasting flavours including Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla! http://www.performancefoods.co.uk/reflex-one-stop-xtreme


The Sci-MX Weight Loss Stack for just £69.99

sci-mx_stackFor Just £69.99 you get;

> Ultra Whey Protein (908g)

> CLA-LEAN 1000 (90 capsules)

> Pyro-MX Leanburn (180 capsules)


Sci-MX’s Ultra Whey Protein has been voted as the best tasting whey protein in the UK. Its amazing taste makes is very easy to consume, leaving you looking forward to having your protein shake as opposed to dreading it all day! With a very wide range of flavours, Sci-MX have made sure they have covered everyone’s taste buds, so there’ll be something for you! With almost no carbohydrates, Ultra Whey Protein is ideal for achieving a lean body, with not gains in fat from this product. This means it’s perfect for you who prefer to have food as a carbohydrate source. It also has a high concentration of BCAAs, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue and make up around one third of the amino acid mass in your muscles. Sci-MX use micro-filtration as a means to ensure Ultra Whey Protein doesn’t get damaged by heat, leaving a top quality tub of protein in your hands

For those of you who are regular gym goers, wanting to get rid of fat and increase muscle mass and tone or any athletes wanting to speed up fat loss and keep lean muscle, Sci-MX’s CLA LEAN-1000 will do just what you want! Sci-MX have used the highest levels of both the active CLA isomers (c9, t11 and t10, c12) and have included natural tocopherols! How does it work? CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) has been used for a while by people like bodybuilders, fitness models and others looking to decrease body fat whilst increasing muscle tone and mass. CLA also ‘spot’ reduces fat in the thighs, hips and buttocks of females and males’ ‘love handles’

Sci-MX’s Pyro-MX Leanburn uses all natural ingredients, giving a healthy product that avoids giving dramatic ups and downs and big crashes at the end of synthetic buzzes. These herbal alternatives to harmful chemicals work in synergy as thermogenics, to heat up the body and speed up your metabolism. This in turn means you use of the calories you consume as energy and burn more of them off. Having a calorie deficit is essential for those wanting to lose fat and is very hard to achieve, so the use of Pyro-MX Leanburn will help dramatically with that. For those wanting to be or remain muscular but lose fat for a more defined, toned body, you can use Pyro-MX Leanburn and make the most of its anti-catabolic effects (burning fat, not muscle!). Not only will Pyro-MX Leanburn help mobilize fat, but you will also experience enhanced moods, slight appetite suppression and prolonged, all day energy boosts. Thanks to its lack of chemicals and richness in herbal ingredients, you will not suffer from sever crashes at the end of the day, like you might with other fat burners. Anyone can benefit from using Sci-MX’s Pyro-MX Leanburn.


The EPI Stack for Lean Gains and Beyond

epi stack new picPhysical Labs EPI Force RRP £59.99

Physical Labs Testo Restore RRP £49.99

MCL Milk Thistle RRP £11.99

Our Price £64.99


This is the perfect cycle for huge gains in lean muscle tissue and strength, complete with cycle support and PCT.

Physical Labs EPI Force

For those of you wanting a lean, ripped body and a raging 6 pack, EPI Force will deliver exactly what you want! You can benefit from massive strength gains and quality muscle gains at the same time as losing fat, leaving you with a cover-model body. EPI Force has been designed to be anti-estrogenic, meaning your gains will be dry and lean, as well as giving little to no side effects what so ever.

Physical Labs Testo Restore

Covering the whole spectrum of anabolic hormones, Testo Restore is an explosive composition designed to drive testosterone to previously unattainable levels, enhancing protein synthesis, reducing fat storage, and leaving you revelling in its effects.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle extract is obtained from a plant belonging to the Compositae (daisy) family. It is classified as a flavanolignin, which is a rare type of bioflavonoid. This is taken whilst on the cycle of EPI Force, to protect against potential toxicity on the liver.


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