Sci-MX Shred-X Hardcore

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Contains the most powerful fat burning ingredients for rapid loss of persistent body fat

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Shred X Hardcore-Fast fat burners

Shred X Hardcore is specifically designed for fast and efficient fat loss. If you are someone who has tried many different ways to lose stubborn fat but nothing seems to work. Then Shred X hardcore is perfect for you. Shred X is perfectly formulated so you can achieve a lean and ripped body shape. Benefits include: 

  • A high rate of fat burning during exercise
  • An increase in you focus and energy during exercise
  • Overall fast and also consistent fat loss 

Shred X Hardcore contains some of the most powerful fat burning ingredients contained by weight loss products within the market. These ingredients will accelerate the processes of thermogenesis and fat oxidation (see science tab for more on this).


Performance foods review of Shred-x Hardcore

Shred-X is a fantastically original, unique and comprehensive fat loss formula that works very well! It is a good place to start with fat burners, however, if you have tried any fat burners already, you might want to move up to the stronger T6.


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Nutritional Information for Shred-x Hardcore.

Bitter Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium) 450mg
Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) 865mg
Green Tea (Cammelia Sinensis) 500mg
Chromium (from chromium picolinate) 30ug
Cayenne Pepper Extract (Capsicum Annuum) 200mg
Vit-MX-Trim™ (niacin, folic acid, biotin and iodine) 9.7mg
Bioperine® (Piper Nigrum) 5mg



The Science of Shred-x Hardcore.......

A Closer look at the main ingredients in Shred X Hardcore


Bitter Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium) 450mg


Bitter orange research shows it is able to increase metabolism and suppress your appetite.  The peel contains flavones, the alkaloids synephrine, octopamine, N-methyltyramine and carotenoids. An oil within the peel helps with the fat burning process. However please be aware that it has been known to show side effects in large doses. You should not take bitter orange if they have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or if they are taking medications (such as MAO inhibitors), caffeine, or other herbs/supplements that speed up the heart rate.

Read more about bitter orange peel on Wikipedia


Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) 865mg


Guarana is essentially a natural caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, heart, and muscles, This will increase energy and focus during training.

Read more about Guarana on Wikipedia


Green Tea (Cammelia Sinensis) 500mg


Green tea gives an extra boost to speeding up the metabolic rate.

Read more about Green tea on Wikipedia


Chromium (from chromium picolinate) 30ug


Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin, a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate, fat, and protein in the body. It helps maintain normal levels of glucose.



Is Shred-x Hardcore good value for money?

Shred-X is not our cheapest fat burner but that is due to the expense of the high quality ingredients, so it does work out to be a good quality product.



How to get the best out of Shred-x Hardcore!

Take 2 capsules with 200ml of water up to twice per day on an empty stomach. Combine with a calorie controlled low-fat diet and a sensible exercise programme.


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