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Our Team

Performance Foods provides the highest quality sports supplements including comprehensive protein powders, fat burners, weight gainers, pre-workout fuels and more, and all from the world's leading brands.

Our wide range of supplements are of the highest standard and include products that can help you to build muscle, burn fat, increase stamina and boost mental focus and recovery. With something for both men and women, we offer something for everyone at hugely competitive prices. 

Our team eat, sleep, live and breath everything about the health, fitness and supplement industry. We are constantly looking to improve our knowledge on the most effective (and less effective) supplements on the market and the improvments that our continously being made. We can instantly tell the difference between a quality product that will help you get the results that you want, and an inferior product that hides behind endorcements and marketing. Most importantly, we can explain to you exactly why one product may be better than another, and help you identify quality ingrediants over fillers.