PhD Weight Loss Stack

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This stack consists of 3 high grade supplements from the PhD weight loss range and covers the fundamentals to a quality weight loss stack



This stack consists of 3 high grade supplements from the PhD weight loss range and covers the fundamentals to a quality weight loss stack PhD Diet Whey PhD Diet Whey is the perfect product for those who are looking to build lean muscle while burning some fat and keeping toned .PhD Diet Whey has been formulated with a fast and slow release proteins to ensure optimal recovery and satiety and make sure you feel nice and full during the day. PhD Diet Whey is a great tasting meal replacement which is very high in protein and low in carbs. It has a great formula of potent fat loss ingredients which will help you build lean toned muscle as well as burning fat away. As it is high in protein is low calorie so can be used as a snack or post recovery shake any time of the day. PhD Diet Whey staged released protein blend Whey Protein, Milk Protein and Soya Isolate are used in PhD Diet Whey. These sources of protein combine to give a steady release of amino acids over a few hours, the whey is fast, followed by the soy then the milk protein kicks in and provided the satisfaction feeling of fullness, ideal for those who get craving through the day. PhD Diet Whey is a drink that aids in weight loss and the recovery of muscle tissue and therefore should not have any simple there is not! Many protein powders on the market are aimed at the making you lose weight but then they have added sugar or maltodextrin which you do not want in your diet. PhD Diet Whey does contain “Enduragrain” which is slow burning, low GI carbohydrate source PhD Diet Whey uses the Waxy Barley to form Enduragrain, this product is a market leader and set the bench mark for low GI carb sources. It comes from barley and is sourced in the UK and due to its low GI it does not turn to fat! PhD Diet Whey needs to add this important grain as a balanced product to help with the transportation of the protein, combined with essential fats and fibre this awesome product is made. PhD Lean Degree Lean Degree by PhD is the fat loss formula you have been looking for. With the combination of naturally based research driven ingredients, this product will assist you in your fat loss goals We all know that the hard work needs to be put in at the gym and kitchen for fat loss but with the addition of PhD Lean Degree you will find your training intensity will be improved and your goals will be reached a little quicker. As a product that can be used in any IOC sporting events, you know this product is not only very effective but also safe to use too! The product has been carefully formulated to assist in effective weight loss. Ingredients have been included that will increase your body's thermogenesis, reduce muscle wasting stress hormones, reduce water retention, increase mental focus and includes anti-oxidants too! This product is so much more than your typical over stimulated product which is so common in the supplement market today. So if you have either hit a wall in your training or feel you need to add something to accelerate your weight loss goals then PhD is a very safe and effective product that can be utilised to achieve some great results PhD Diet Whey Bars Diet Whey Bar is a high-protein, low-impact-carb bar from PhD Nutrition. With 25 grams of quality protein, only 1 gram of sugar per bar, the usual amazing PhD taste and fortified with CLA, L-Carnitine, Flaxseed and Green tea, Diet Whey Bar is the ideal high-protein, lean muscle-building snack for men and women


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