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Reflex Instant Mass contains an almost perfect 1 to 1 split of carbohydrates and protein, with one serving giving you a massive 54 grams of top quality protein. This is pretty much unheard of in the world of mass gainers!
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Reflex instant mass–focused nutrition for the educated market 

Reflex nutrition have created a very original blend in Instant mass. It is split almost perfectly into 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate. You get far more protein per serving (54gms) than you get from most other products on the market. It is definitely designed for the more advanced and experienced bodybuilders. As it gives a purer protein blend and uses low GI carbs and steered clear of the cheap carbs. Impressively they have been able to mix all of these high quality products and still put it to market at an affordable price.

Performance foods review of Instant mass

For us, Instant Mass is one of the best mass gaining shakes available on the market! Its oat and barley sourced carbohydrates provide great slow releasing fuel for your body whilst the blend of top quality proteins act great for muscle building.


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Nutritional Information for Instant mass.

Each 100g Provides
40g Protein
46g Carbohydrate
3.3g Fat
7.3g Fibre
207mg Sodium



The Science of Instant mass.....


The protein content of instant mass is excellent. It utilises ultra filtered Whey Protein Concentrate and cross flow micro filtered whey isolate, digestive enzymes and probiotics, to make for better, more efficient digestion and the best bioavailability and surges in protein synthesis, as well as the prolonged and medium release you’d expect with a high quality muscle gainer in the ultimate form of micellar casein and egg white isolate.

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Instant mass provides an impressive selection of carbohydrates. Using Organic oats and barley. Using this healthy, low G.I source will please the health conscious athlete’s and those bodybuilders as it will provide quality lean gains without flooding muscles with cheaper blends of dextrose and maltodextrin.

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The rest

Reflex have also been kind enough to add in minerals like zinc and magnesium, both essential from muscular strength and maintaining testosterone levels and anti-oxidants, all to help with your general health and results!



Is Instant mass good value for money?

At £58.09 for a big bag of Instant Mass, giving 40 servings, you pay just £1.45 for each shake. When you consider how much nutrients you are getting in each shake, and how much it would cost to get the from foods like chicken and wholemeal pasta, we think Instant Mass is a great value product!



How to get the best out of Instant mass!

Mix 136g (approximately 5 scoops 60ml measures) with 400ml of water or skimmed milk. Consume 1-2 full servings or 2-4 half servings. Always consume one full servings after a workout.

Instant mass is best taken after training, you can also take it a couple of times a day, maybe using it as a meal replacement in the afternoon.



How tasty is Instant mass?

Reflex has got the taste spot on with Instant Mass. It produces a fairly thick shake, with no lumps and a very palatable flavour. With flavours in chocolate, banana, vanilla and strawberry, there is an Instant mass for everyone!


Instant mass flavours


  • StrawberryInstant mass strawberry
  • ChocolateInstant mass chocolate



great addition to my dietReview by Si
becuase of the low gi carbs and protein sources i use this product during the day between meals and my weight has been increasing every week. Up 5kg since i started using the product 1 month ago. if you struggle to put weight on (like myself) i highly recommend this product (Posted on 5/8/12)
very goodReview by tom mann
i am 15 years old, play rugby and train in the gym 4-5 times a week, i have been taking instant mass for 4 months now on 3 shakes a day and find that it is highly benificial and fairly good value; although it would be an added bonus if it was cheaper as i still am full time in school and pay £35 a month for gym member ship at LA fitness. Overal, a very good product and i recorment it. (Posted on 10/22/10)
Put on 4kg in 2 weeksReview by Ben G
Been using Reflex Instant Mass for just over 2 weeks now and I have put on the 4 kg already and its not fat!! Always worried mass gainers will make me fat but this is awesome (Posted on 9/13/10)
Tasty and Quality ingredientsReview by Joe
Instant mass is made from 2 organic carb sources and 3 protein......that says it all its a quality product.
Used it for maintaining my weight through the rugby season and its never let me down! (Posted on 8/11/10)

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