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Sci-MX brings you their latest product from the Omni series called Omni-MX Leancore. If you have been bulking with the Omni-MX Hardcore and are looking to lean up then or just lean up in general, Omni-MX Leancore is the ideal product

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Omni MX Leancore-For a lean and defined physique

Sci-MX brings you their latest product from the Omni series called Omni MX Leancore. If you have been bulking with the Omni MX Hardcore and are looking to lean up, or just lean up in general then Omni MX Leancore is the ideal product.

With a huge 37.5 grams of Sci-MX's GRS-5 multi stage release protein system, 45 grams of carbohydrates and 5g of their creatine blend you have the perfect foundation to a great product which will not bulk you like the Omni-MX Hardcore but will aim to give you that lean and defined physique.


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Nutritional information for Omni MX Leancore.


Nutritional information: Per serving (100g)


Energy - 366kcal
Protein - 37.5g
Carbohydrate - 45.8g
Of which are sugars - 3.7g
Fat - 1.44mg
Of which are saturates - 225mg
Fibre - 5.17mg
Sodium - 20.6mg




Cross-Action™ rapid and slow release carbohydrate blend (corn and potato sourced maltodextrin and waxy maize corn starch blend, dextrose monohydrate), GRS-5® gradual release protein blend (micro filtered high BV whey protein concentrate*, milk protein concentrate*, soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate*, hydrolysed wheat protein), l-glycine, creatine monohydrate, flavour, cocoa powder (in chocolate flavour only), MCT oil (medium chain tri-glycerides-from coconut), arginine AKG, red beet powder (strawberry flavour only), taurine, xanthan gum (stabiliser), magnesium oxide, avena sativa, nettle root extract (urtica dioica), digestive proteases from aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae (Aminogen®), creatine pyruvate, sucralose (sweetener), black pepper extract (piper nigrum), vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), chromium chloride.
*Sources of lactose and milk protein

Allergen Information: Contains milk protein, lactose, gluten, egg and soy protein. Contains no nut ingredients but may contain traces of peanuts & various types of nuts and seeds.



The science of Omni MX Leancore.....


Sci-MX Omni MX Leancore comprises of 3 incredible stacks. These are;

Mesonoid Lean Muscle Stack - Containing BCAA's, glutamine, digestive enzymes and many more to give you the components to a leaner physique

Tri-Creatacore Size, Strength, and Pump Stack - A creatine blend of a monohydrate and pyruvate to help you push that little bit more and increase your strength. Stacked alongside arginine to give you some insane pumps too!

Andro-MX-T Pro Anabolic Male Support Stack - A natural blend of avena sativa, nettle root extract and ZMA which will support natural increase in testosterone

Read more about some of these ingredients on Wikipedia. BCAA, glutamine, creatine, ZMA



Is Sci-Mx Omni Mx leancore good value for money?


As Omni Mx Leancore is such a fantastic product, with our discounted product, this really is amazing value!


How to get the best out of Omni MX Leancore


Directions for Use: 1 serving = 2 heaped scoops (100g)

Training days: Add 1 serving to 350- 400ml of water in a shaker and shake for 10- 15 seconds 30 minutes before your workout and straight after
Non- training days: Have one to two servings consumed in between meals



Flavours of Omni MX Leancore

  • ChocolateOmni MX Leancore Chocolate
  • StrawberryOmni MX Leancore Strawberry
  • VanillaOmni MX Leancore Vanilla


poor tasteReview by dreezy
why does it have such a poor taste? (Posted on 7/6/17)
awsomeReview by nick
amazing results (Posted on 10/3/14)

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