Sci-MX Starter Bundle

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Ideal bundle with the essentials to build muscle and get better results from your workout includes:

Ultra Whey Protein (2.28Kg)
GRS 9-Hour Protein (2.28Kg)
Creatine CT-MX (160 capsules)
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Ideal bundle with the essentials to build muscle and get better results from your workout includes: Ultra Whey Protein (2.28Kg) GRS 9-Hour Protein (2.28Kg) Creatine CT-MX (160 capsules) Sci-MX have carefully blended creatine monohydrate and creatine pyruvate to form a powerful and convenient creatine capsule (Creatine CT-MX). Not only this, but along with the two most effective types of creatine, Sci-MX have included some beta-alanine and taurine to increase training intensity and give you better workouts! This formula (Creatine CT-MX) will help miraculously with short bursts of power and energy, making it perfect for any sprint athletes, as well as weightlifters and bodybuilders. Your increase in strength will also give you more potential to grow and build muscle mass. On top of this, your muscles will retain more water, filling them out and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed by them. Sci-MX have included an uptake system, MicroTech, meaning all these useful ingredients will be used to the best of their ability. GRS 9-Hour Protein Protein in essential in any diet, however in that of someone wanting to gain or maintain muscle, it is even more important to get high and consistent levels of it in your body. Amino-acids form polypeptides, which form proteins. These proteins are used in the growth and repair of muscle. When you lift weights, your muscle fibers are activated and in turn, ‘damaged’. In order to be rejuvenated and built upon, you must have high levels of protein in your system. With suggestions of at least 1.5g of protein for every pound you weigh, it can be very difficult to achieve the sufficient amount of protein through whole foods. That is where protein supplements come in, giving you a quick and easy way of consuming what you need. GRS 9-Hour Protein is perfect for this, as it offers a low carb, low calorie, high protein content, ideal for those wanting to gain muscle whilst losing fat. In just two delicious shakes, you can take in 80g of protein, which will be half of the requirement for some. Not only is this extremely convenient, tasty and high in protein, but GRS 9-Hour offers a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, soy, milk and egg protein, all at top quality. This means after consumption, your body will be digesting all 5 proteins at different times, giving a perfect stage-released effect. Also included is an enzyme product called OptiZyme, which will work in synergy with these proteins, increasing the uptake of BCAA’s and other amino acids. For more metabolism of the protein, Sci-MX have included US patented Aminogen. This has been clinically proven to increase nitrogen retention by 32% as well as boosting the release of BCAAs by 250%! Use GRS 9-Hour Protein for: • Building and maintaining lean muscle • High quality sustained release protein source • Improving muscle definition – lose fat whilst retaining muscle • High protein – low carbohydrate dieting (Fat loss whilst following a calorie controlled diet) • Ideal for in between meals and before bed, ensuring a sufficient protein intake in your diet Ultra Whey Protein can be used for: • Increased lean muscle • Top quality protein source • Maintenance of your size and shape • Post-training recovery • Losing fat whilst gaining muscle Sci-MX’s Ultra Whey Protein has been voted as the best tasting whey protein in the UK. It’s amazing taste makes is very easy to consume, leaving you looking forward to having your protein shake as opposed to dreading it all day! With a very wide range of flavours, Sci-MX have made sure they have covered everyone’s taste buds, so there’ll be something for you! With almost no carbohydrates, Ultra Whey Protein is ideal for achieving a lean body, with not gains in fat from this product. This means it’s perfect for you who prefer to have food as a carbohydrate source. It also has a high concentration of BCAAs, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue and make up around one third of the amino acid mass in your muscles. Sci-MX use micro-filtration as a means to ensure Ultra Whey Protein doesn’t get damaged by heat, leaving a top quality tub of protein in your hands


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